Our people are utility and telecom data and systems experts. We’ve been where you are. We understand your environment, your objectives, and the obstacles you face.

Importantly, we’re able to think with you — together building systems that address today’s needs and recognize tomorrow’s challenges. With years of industry-focused experience, our team brings consultative expertise, practical capabilities, and experience-based insights that can deliver solutions that exceed your needs, now and into the future.

We earn trust by the values we uphold every day:


Dave Coates

Dave has been in the utility services industry for over 30 years, with diversified experience in executive management, operations management, strategic planning, project management and project implementation. Responsible for all aspects of the company’s operational performance, the projects under his leadership have achieved a high degree of customer satisfaction along with successful financial results. Consistently demonstrating his ability to fashion win/win initiatives that address “real world” business challenges, his management emphasis on performance metrics and partnership paradigm has resulted in a large number of very satisfied customers throughout his career. Dave’s long standing belief is that the only measure of our success is the positive impact our services have on the success of our customers.

Susan Smith-Lee

Susan has over 25 years experience in the utility IT industry with diversified experience in strategic planning and new project process design. She provides leadership to all of SSP-Wind Lakes’ sales activities within both the GIS and Joint Use business areas. Additionally, she serves as a GIS consultant and provides technical leadership to project teams as appropriate. Over the course of her career, Susan has provided GIS technology and management consulting services including business process evaluation, data model analysis and design, data integration processing, quality control/assurance services, and strategic planning for enterprise GIS. Susan provides SSP-Wind Lake with an exceptionally broad and diverse range of utility IT expertise. Her experience as a software development manager, a utility IT consultant and a project manager provides a strong understanding of our clients’ operational challenges as well as a credible familiarity with solution improvement alternatives. Susan’s strong communication and organizational skills, coupled with her insights and energy, are especially valuable for SSP-Wind Lakes' clients.

Gary Miller

With more than 25 years experience in the utility information systems service industry. Gary's expertise in areas related to utility and telecommunications infrastructure data is widely recognized. He provides leadership to SSP-Wind Lake in the functional design of SPANS™ and in the development of other more customer-specific processes and solutions. Additionally, Gary is a skilled analyst and communicator with wide-ranging insights into utility, telecommunications, and local government business processes and applications and their underlying databases. Widely acknowledged for his especially demanding quality standards, as well as his ability to bring both unique insight and order to complex business challenges, Gary's reputation for being able to think outside the box uniquely qualifies him to help organizations challenge the status quo. Gary’s passion for providing concrete, measurable, impacting strategies makes him an invaluable director of SSP-Wind Lake's Team.

Diana Coates

With over 20 years of technical and management experience in the utility information technology industry, Diana has oversight responsibility for all business activities and affairs of the corporation. She also provides leadership to all SSP-Wind Lake software development initiatives as well as customer-specific SPANS™ configuration and support activities. She contributes broad-based management skills to the successful completion of internal and external project activities. Diana has substantial expertise in requirements gathering and analyzing client specifications. As an especially strong manager, whose technical competence is complemented with excellent organizational and communication skills, Diana is widely respected for her ability to understand a client’s functional business requirements. A particular aptitude for the data and data quality related aspects of successful utility IT systems gives Diana the unique capacity to consistently facilitate the development of solutions.

Kenton Graber

Kenton has over 26 years of experience and success in working for and with utility organizations. As Vice President – Customer Solutions, Kenton is responsible for sales leadership, creation of new customer and partner relationships, contribution in consultative support of projects and initiatives, and strategic support of corporate direction. Kenton began his career in utilities information in 1988 while working for Western Resources, joining Miner & Miner (M&M) in 2004. Through multiple acquisitions, M&M became part of the Schneider Electric portfolio in 2011. He held multiple positions throughout his tenure at Schneider, all of which were centered on the customer facing/account management aspects of the GIS business. Kenton is an incredibly talented executive with the rare ability to deeply understand customer requirements, technology, analytics, and the informational needs of today’s utilities.

Dean Peterson

With over 20 years of experience, Dean is an especially skilled senior programmer/analyst providing GIS software development, consulting and technical support services to the utility and telecommunications industries. He also has extensive experience with all phases of the software development life cycle including requirements definition, design, development, testing and documentation. Dean’s areas of expertise include business process evaluation and design, data modeling, data migration, quality control/assurance services, and strategic planning for enterprise GIS. Dean’s significant technical skills are complemented by unique communication skills that allow him to present highly complex IT concepts, solution architecture, and functional and physical detail through clear and understandable written, verbal, and graphic media.

Rich Zamorski

Rich has more than 20 years of GIS experience, including extensive experience in designing, developing and deploying GIS applications. Rich’s in-depth knowledge of requirements gathering, his experience with a variety of system architectures, databases, web services, and programming languages, and his ability to find creative solutions to automation challenges, provide strength and insight to any team. He has extensive experience in designing and building applications used in data creation, manipulation, maintenance, integration, and publishing. Rich’s technical proficiencies are applicable to relational database and graphic, geometric, and topological domains. His experience and technical proficiencies are complemented by excellent organization skills and the ability to give and accept responsibilities in the roles of project manager, designer, project lead, supervisor, and developer.


Routing Software Integration

WLS assisted one of its customers with their automated routing application, enabling them to maximize the benefits of their solution. The customer chose RouteSmart Technologies’ software to generate routes for their meter reading and inspection activities. WLS designed and developed an add-on to enhance the resulting route data and export the routes to Excel or PDF format. The resulting output contains additional navigation aids, such as turn arrows and parking locations, interpreted from the RouteSmart data. The customer replaced their time-consuming manual procedures with the integrated tool that provides their users with the information they need.

Work Management Integration

WLS recently developed an interface to streamline the work order posting process for a customer. Instead of recreating facility features in the GIS based on the as-built sketch, the customer simply keys in the work order number and the interface automatically retrieves the information from their work management system. The configurable interface creates all the necessary features and populates the appropriate attributes. Users only need to digitize the location of the features, dramatically reducing data entry time and improving the quality of the GIS database.

Data Quality Verification

Verification/acceptance program for a customer who had contracted with a third party for a field inventory. There were three major components to this project:
  1. Statistical visual verification and scoring of adherence to the customer’s mapping standards and practices. This was completed by WLS.
  2. Automated verification of adherence to the customer’s data format and content, connectivity and feature relationship requirements. This was completed by WLS.
  3. Statistical field verification and scoring of data collected during the inventory. The sampling plan and scoring methodology were developed by WLS. Actual field verification was completed by the customer.

Data Extension, Enhancement & Integration

Examples of some of the data services WLS has provided to our customers over the years include: establishing feature connectivity, reconciling SAP and GIS asset data, assigning phasing to electrical features, periodically back feeding data from the customers OMS to GIS, incorporating cathodic protection data into the customer’s gas model and linking work order images to their associated features.

GIS Data Maintenance

WLS has been providing ongoing work order posting services for one of its customers since 2005, with support over the last several years averaging between 5,000 and 10,000 orders per year. Recently, that customer requested that we provide a dramatic, but short- term increase in our capacity for them. We ramped-up significantly and were able to complete over 20,000 repair orders within a five-month period.

Data Quality Verification

WLS recently assisted a customer from beginning to end through a major conflation project, with services that included RFP development, vendor selection support, specification development, acceptance process implementation, QA software development and implementation, visual data QA with statistical sampling and scoring, overall project management support and on-site staffing to assist in the go-live cutover.